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Driveway gates are complicated systems, and our company offers a range of repair and installation services in order to help every property owner with whatever they need. Scroll down to read the answers to some FAQs in order to learn more about these machines.

What should I know before connecting a new opener to my existing driveway gate?

First, assess the condition of your existing gate to determine if the hinges, track or anything else needs to be replaced. Consider the available space you have and make sure that it's enough. It's one thing to open the gate manually when you can tell if there's something in the way, but it's another thing when the electric opener does it for you. Although such automatic systems usually have safety features that prevent them from hitting something, malfunctions can still occur.

The remote control for my gate isn't working, what do I do?

When things like this happen, it's better not to panic. According to our experts of Gate Repair Altadena, you first need to check the batteries of the remote control. If they seem to be ok, make sure the unit's connection to the power source hasn't disconnected, and see if you can operate the gate using some other device (a different remote or a keypad). If the problem persists, give us a call.

Can I build a fence on a slope?

You absolutely can, but the steeper the slope is, the more work and planning it will take compared to building a fence on flat ground. On a gentler slope, a racked style fence with articulated backing rails that run parallel to the ground is the easiest option. On a steeper slope, you can build a step fence, with the downslope end of each “step” supported by a raised pylon. If keeping animals in or out is a concern, you can secure the bottom of a step fence with bulwarks.


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